8 Years of Progress: A Look at the Achievements of a Parks and Recreation Advocate

Posted Fri, Mar 17, 2023 in Jorge for VP

  • Currently (2023): Secured $10million IDNR Grant and currently plans being developed to build recreation center
  • Currently (2023): Received OSLAD Grant in the amount of $400,000 to renovate Lufkin Park (Moderated 2 of 3 Community Input Meetings held for public to give their opinions on what should be in the park)
  • Completed Feasibility Study, 2019 for future development of outdoor aquatic and recreation center facilities
  • Completed Six(6) Park renovation projects
    • Westmore Park
      • Installed new playground and installed community gardens
    • Willowbrook Park
      • Installed new playground and reconstructed old baseball field into a premium baseball facility
    • North Terrace Park
      • New Playground
      • Walking Path
      • Accessible fishing pier
      • Open air shelter
      • Renovation of existing building which included new bathrooms, new kitchen and new roof
    • Great Western Train Depot
      • Turned a dilapidated storage building into a pristine, usable recreation building which can hold classes, meetings, and concerts.
      • Installed new landscaping and open air shelter
      • Accessible Bathrooms
      • Butterfly Gardens
      • New Storage Shed
    • Cortesi Memorial Park
      • Installation of new Veteran’s Memorial
      • Accessible Sidewalks
      • New turf and irrigation system and landscaping
      • Cortesi Memorial rebuilt and moved to a more suitable location
    • Iowa Community Center
      • Install of new playground
      • Skate Park
      • Accessible Sidewalk
      • Shelter
      • Raised flower beds, bacci courts, baggo set
    • Twin Lakes Park
      • Install of new playground
      • Accessible sidewalks
      • Accessible Fishing Pier
      • Shelter and Bathroom
      • Renovation of ballfield and installation of new scoreboard
  • Replaced 6 of 9 park playgrounds, with planned replacement of the remaining 3 by 2025
  • Initiated and completed the first Parks and Recreation Master Plan in Fall 2015

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8 Years of Progress: A Look at the Achievements of a Parks and Recreation Advocate

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